What is Elevate?

Elevate is a platform for the startup community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, serving as a hub for information sharing, a showcase for success stories, and an intermediary between entrepreneurs and key players in the startup ecosystem.

B&H Startups

Startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina are blooming, and some of them are already succeeded in becoming regional stars. These startups are actively working to become known on a global scale

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Invest in the most successful and innovative startups in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Elevate.ba is the place to go right now to learn about new startups and connect with their founders.

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Find your dream job

Finding the perfect individual to join the team of a startup is a very tough task for every entrepreneur to embark upon. Elevate.ba offers a job portal service so that founders of startups may post job openings for potential co-founders and team members. This helps enhance startups’ access to talented individuals.