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B&H Startups

Startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina are thriving, with many already achieving regional success. These innovative companies are actively working to establish themselves on the global scale.

Helps joggers, runners, and cyclists track activities, compete, and have fun while working out.

OREA is an online platform for buying and selling handmade products with a local label.

Insuno is a startup in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency producing eco friendly products.

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Startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina lack an unified online hub where they can share their technological success stories and connect with potential investors, partners, and collaborators. Because of this, we decided to create a digital community space where startup entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, secure funding, and build valuable connections.

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For the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elevate is a resource for learning about the latest innovations in the startup world and getting to know the inspiring tales of the brightest minds in technology who are driving the country’s most innovative businesses. Our goal is to become a platform where everyone may get useful information about new thriving startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I’m hoping to find an investor, but I don’t know what information they’ll require from me

Elevate is a unique platform that facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs to possible investors. By submitting the pitch deck on the platform and connecting directly to an investor, founders are able to make connections with local investors as well as international venture funds.

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On, your search shouldn’t stray too far from the part labeled “Job portal.” It could be incredibly challenging to discover the appropriate individuals to collaborate with when you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial path. Because of this, it would never cost anything to the founders to publish their open positions, and it would always be accessible to them.

Tell me more about and the resources it offers. will also give information about news, upcoming events, conferences, and meetings, in addition to educational programs for the founders of businesses. Its goal is to become a platform where everyone may get useful information about new thriving startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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In addition to a collection of success stories from the startup world, also serves as a platform for finding investors and new job openings at startups.

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Elevate was created with the intention of assisting the whole of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Startups Ecosystem by easing the process of exchanging information and providing access to data.