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New SaaStock event – 28.04. @ 5PM Topic: Blockchain concepts: Explained in 60 minutes.Speaker: Miljan Tekić, CEO of Tenderly and learn from him!

About event: At this event, we will discuss how a junior startup can raise 40 million dollars, increase total revenue growth by almost 500% annually, and position themself on top of the market.

We will talk about the rapid growth and massive development of this startup with its founder and COO, Miljan Tekić. Also, during this session, we will discuss one of the hottest topics today – the crypto market and the bitcoin network. You will have the opportunity to hear more about NFT, what it is and how it works.

We will also discuss the metaverse and its use, as an indispensable part of this field. The rapid development of these technologies makes us believe that the world in the future will be much different compared to the world we live in now. In relation to this, we will try to get some explanations and answers about the technology that will shape our future.

We will answer all of these questions through a conversation with the guests of our new session of the SaaStock Local Sarajevo event.

About speaker: Miljan Tekić is one of the founders of Serbian start-up Tenderly. Currently operating as a chief operating officer, but he was strongly bonded with software engineering at his beginnings working as a software engineer for companies like GoDaddy, Devana, and MVP workshop. Tenderly solves everyday issues by making blockchain technology more accessible, by creating tools for engineers and companies which create products on top of blockchain technology.

He is mostly interested in understanding other peoples’ views on certain issues while finding the solution for them. He applies this method to everything, starting with resolving and improving user experience issues in software to the establishment of employee first principles on all levels in the organization. He is devoted to creating transparent systems which encourage and empower individuals while promoting efficient and structured knowledge sharing within the organization itself, which is one of the core values in tenderly.

About Tenderly: Tenderly provides an end-to-end developer platform for teams and companies looking to build innovative blockchain products. By providing a full-fledged platform with a comprehensive dashboard and a multifaceted API, Tenderly enables developers to focus on their projects, whether they are just starting out with smart contracts or building a complex DeFi platform.

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