Frequently Asked Question.
Here are some common questions about Elevate startup ecosystem.

How does Elevate.ba work?

Elevate.ba is an all-in-one platform designed specifically for the startup community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing news on the startup world, inspiring stories from the most amazing founders driving the most innovative ventures in our country, as well as how-to guides and model documents to support the founder’s journey.

Apart from showcasing success stories, Elevate.ba also serves as a platform for finding investors, mentors, co-founders and new job openings at startups.

Our ultimate goal is to become the leading platform where everyone can access useful information about the newest, thriving startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Which resources does Elevate.ba offers?

Elevate.ba provides information about news, upcoming events, conferences, and meetings, in addition to educational programs for startup founders. Its goal is to become a platform where everyone can access to useful information about new thriving startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Investors on Elevate.ba

Elevate.ba is a powerful tool for investors who are looking to connect with promising startups.

If you are an investor or Venture capital representative seeking the next big thing, Elevate.ba has everything you need to connect you with the dynamic and growing Bosnian and Herzegovinian startup scene.

B&H Startups on Elevate.ba

Startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina are thriving, with many already achieving regional success. These innovative companies are actively working to establish themselves on the global scale. Connect with entrepreneurs on Elevate.ba and become a part of the startup’s global growth journey.

Angel clubs and Venture capital funds on Elevate.ba

On their way to becoming internationally recognized startups, many entrepreneurs seek partners and investors. Elevate.ba provides a unique platform that connects founders with international venture capital professionals and angel investors.

I’m hoping to find an investor, but I don’t know what information they’ll require from me.
Elevate.ba is a unique platform that facilitates the introductions of entrepreneurs to potential investors. By submitting your pitch deck on the platform and connecting directly with an investor, founders can make connections with local investors as well as international venture funds.
Where should I start looking for the ideal employee to join my uprising startup’s team?

On Elevate.ba, your search should begin with the Job Portal section. Finding the right people to work with can be challenging, especially when you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey. That’s why it’s always free for founders to post their open positions and accessible to anyone looking for a job in the startup world.

Why should you join Elevate.ba as investor?

Elevate.ba is a unique platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina that facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs to possible investors. If you are an investor or Venture capital representative seeking the next big thing, Elevate.ba has everything you need to connect you with the dynamic and growing Bosnian and Herzegovinian startup scene.

Why should you join as Investor or Venture capital fund representative?

Elevate.ba is a platform that allows everyone to discover success stories of startups and gain an overview of the startup ecosystem in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are eager to learn more about the startup ecosystem, don’t hesitate to explore Elevate.ba platform!

If you are interested in investing in a startup, use an Elevate.ba smart tool that allows you to communicate with startups to discuss on the potential investment.

Elevate.ba plans to in the future meetups and networking events. During these events, members of Elevate.ba will be able to network with other startups, angel investors and venture capital fund representatives.

If you are a member on the platform, founders of startups will be able to contact you and offer to send you a pitch deck along with the necessary information that explains why they are looking for investment.