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Topic: From manual to fully automated drivingDate: 16.03.2022 (6 PM)Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Emil Gracić; Functional Safety Manager at CARIAD (Volkswagen Group)

In our next session of SaaStockLocal Sarajevo, we are talking with Dr.-Ing. Emil Gracić – a Functional Safety Manager at CARIAD by Volkswagen Group!

Emil will tell us more about autonomy levels in the world of vehicles, current driving systems, need for AI and functional safety. We will talk about assisted driving and the level of its development, as well as what is needed for it to be fully developed.

Make sure to register your place on time and join us!

See you!From manual to fully automated driving

SaaStock Local Sarajevo has been providing us with answers to many questions of modern technologies from the world of artificial intelligence, computing, programming, robotics, and entrepreneurship in general. We consider artificial intelligence a helper and the “right hand” of humanity, so it is worth educating about this. Artificial intelligence is the apparent future of all human existence, and it is time to bring it closer to our daily lives. Our everyday life is also accompanied by many traffic accidents, collisions, and violations, so we will find out through a conversation with our guests to what extent artificial intelligence will prevent and reduce the number of traffic accidents and their, unfortunately, fatal consequences.


Dr.-Ing. Emil Gracić is a Functional Safety Manager at CARIAD (Volkswagen Group). His main work areas are functional safety by ADAS and automated driving systems, software features based on visual perception and development of processes for safe and reliable AI development. Besides CARIAD (Volkswagen Group), he has gained experience and knowledge by working at Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH and as a Research Assistant at the Department for Computer Architecture and System Programming at the University of Kassel.

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